Saturday, May 2, 2009

que es la vida en un blog?!:)

hola, hello, salut!

there was a time when a pen and a sheet of paper were the only things you needed to say to yourself "i could be a writer", but today the whole picture might come as a step back towards achieving aknowledgment, so now the true power resides in making yourself known to the world by writing a blog. I always felt that by getting my words on the computer i can't seem to picture them in my own head; writing feels more like painting in my mind the whole picture of the story that i want to tell, so it might not be surprising that what I write is not always what i have in i guess this explains a bit why there can be so many missunderstandings while reading a blog........a blog is not real even if u try to make it seem real; a blog is made of ideas and concepts told in different ways with different points of view and perceptions but never as the whole truth.

ok...that was a bit strange but anyway to all my friends, amigos and readers of blog material, this is hello and wellcome to my is an introduction to a virtual world, a computer to computer travel, the only way to share partial information worldwide at a huge scale the only way to tell a story without spectators, a written "radio șanț" as my romanian friends will understand.

i am alex, i always felt a bit strange about this name (my parents wanted to call me xandra or sandra-i was even more happy they didn't) and felt even stranger in muslim countries where everytime they told me <...ohhh but this is a man's name......>yeah i know alexander the great was famous...and i am not. In english speaking environments i heard many people complaining that it is so ugly when someone is using always the first person pronoun "i" to begin a i feel quite strange towards this complaint due to the fact that in my knowledge english language does not have another pronoun that can say the same thing why complain about a big "I" when there is nothing you can do to change spanish we use jo, italian io, romanian eu, french je.In my opinion a big I does not imply a big ego.

So after all this sorted out i will tell you that i intend for the first time in many years to keep a discipline for the sake of this blog. I am travelling around the world for 5 years, with so many things happening everyday, with so much knowledge acumulated and i feel a blog could be an anthropologic study of my own life, of how i shift ideas, opinions, places and people, of how i make my move around this chess table that is the globe. I will also tell you a secret...i am not a good chess player....i was when my grandfather was giving me the oportunity to win.....but i can loose and when i loose i feel like a winner because life and earth teached me another lesson.


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