Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have visited Iran in 2008 and since then I have become in love with this country, its culture and the people there. To be honest it is the country that most surprised me and that maybe I have enjoyed due to the great hospitality and friendliness that I encountered there. After just 2 months spent in the country I feel that I want to go back to enjoy and explore the secret wonders that are hidden there but also to enrich my heart with the warmth of the people there. I have started to read books about it, to search information, and to search even the delicate and discreet company of Iranians. They are polite, respectful, trustworthy with hearts of poets. I really do not know why I have such an attraction towards this land and I have to admit that every time an Iranian starts to speak to me in Farsi I feel a strange emotion, a sudden desire to understand this beautiful language, to enjoy its secrets and its poetry.

As I always say to my friends this land is strange but beautiful, it contains so much black(the oil, the chadors) but also so much light and color(the most beautiful blue in the color of the mosques, colorful flowers, fruits, carpets, miniature, vails).

For an interesting read I can recommend you Hafez poetry. A systemic representation of key concepts is found in the mystical poetry of Hafiz- Shams-ud-din Mohammad Hafiz Shirazi is a well known mystic-poet philosopher of the 14th century Iran (approximately 1320-1389). He is known as Khajeh Hafiz (The Master Memorizer of Quran), Losan-ul-ghyb (The Tongue of The Hidden), Tarjomanul-Asrar (The Interpreter of Secrets).

More about Iran soon

"Open my grave when I am dead, and thou shalt see a cloud of smoke rising out from it; then shalt thou know that the fire still burns in my dead heart -- yea, it has set my very winding-sheet alight."
"If the scent of her hair were to blow across my dust when I had been dead a hundred years, my mouldering bones would rise and come dancing out of the tomb."
"I have estimated the influence of Reason upon Love and found that it is like that of a raindrop upon the ocean, which makes one little mark upon the water's face and disappears."


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