Friday, June 19, 2009

a poem i wrote 4 years ago....old times

Goobye to the self!

A light shouting in your mind!

The presence of loneliness is coming from behind.

And what is it silence if not a cure?

Spoken forever, never listened for sure.

I really hurt you with my pain!

No silly arguments to reduce or restrain

I feel that " you coming" is just an excuse

Forever tempted but never induced.

And what are your words if not a trial

Keeping you waiting seduced in denial.

I am a madman forever exposed

My heart is not beating, i am tired and closed.

I am the moon that is clearing your sky

My night is just coming but your the one that died

Don't keep me waiting with flowers and rimes!

I will forget you as soon as time comes.

You are a wanderer and i am the quest

Who cannot judge you has lost my request

For all those who wonder where their soul is,

I will just tell them: forget that I is.

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